Stuart Weissman

Putting over 25 years of high-caliber production experience to work, Stuart Weissman founded SWPnyc in 1992, forging his wealth of experience and relationships with a powerful integration of traditional marketing and advertising, experiential and interactive properties, all aspects of touring, concerts and other types of live entertainment, special events, large scale art projects, digital design, video and broadcast services. SWP has become a powerhouse in New York and nationwide, breaking new artistic and technical ground.

In addition to producing and directing groundbreaking artistic and technically innovative live & broadcast events, Stuart has served as a consultant to the NYC Mayor’s Office on the general rules and procedures for all events held in NYC. With the City's approval, he produced the largest post-9/11 event held in NYC with over 350,000 attendees. Using his experience producing virtually every kind of event imaginable, he and SWP continue to push the envelope with the creative and effective integration of consulting, design, implantation, logistics and execution into the future.

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