On any given day, you might find the production offices of SWP swarming with corporate executives and proactive project managers, production designers and directors, marketers and advertisers, engineers and architects, managers, agents and big name talent, media designs and film producers, vendors, and fabricators.

SWP specializes in events of all scopes and nature, ranging from interactive and experiential marketing activations, corporate product launches, charity fundraising galas, musical performances and festivals, and television and film shoots. Our range of expertise in event production, ranging from city permitting, site design, technical production and event management make SWP a leader among competition both worldwide and at home in New York City.

We can promise that our office is never boring, the ideas and the coffee are always flowing, and the backdrop of Times Square is as energizing as it is famous.

SWP is committed to excellence. We pledge that whatever the scope, challenge, or vision may be, we will exhaust all resources to transform your plans into reality.


It goes without saying that a great project starts with a great idea. Every great idea needs a great strategy. We roll up our sleeves, break out the drafting, planning and analytical tools, and then plot the path to execution. We look to understand your goals and work diligently to achieve them.


At heart, we are artists, storytellers, and entertainers. And we put that passion to work to bring the ultimate experience to the audience, whether it’s creative content integration, staging design, or program direction.


Our background in production management and coordination allows us to provide solutions to complex and highly technical production obstacles, whether your vision leads you to the middle of Times Square or Trafalgar Square; Madison Square Garden or a West Coast Botanical Garden, and anywhere in-between.


The design is to the project just as the blueprint is to the skyscraper. As Event Architects we provide creative ideas and solutions to every successful event that comes to our drawing board.


Our strong relationships in all areas of our industry, ranging from city governments to talent agents, allow us to procure exactly what is best suited for your project. We believe that every project worth building deserves the best talent, tools and assets available.


It’s simple: We Love To Build. It may go as far back as a very young Stuart playing with erector sets and Lincoln Logs (we like to think so). Collectively, our technical production and management teams have been at the forefront of the industry for years, gaining a great reputation for building the most complex technical and high-quality shows.

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