• Barclays Center, Brooklyn
  • In collaboration with: CBGB - Amnesty International

Amnesty Int’l Concert

The Amnesty International concert series once have featured some of the worlds biggest musical talents and human rights activists. This year, the concert made its revival in in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. The show, titled “Bringing Human Rights Home”, featured musical acts including Imagine Dragons, Flaming Lips, Ms. Lauren HIll, Tegan and Sara, Cold War Kids, The Fray and Cake.

On the even of the 2014 Olympic opening ceremonies in Sochi, Russia, Madonna took the stage to introduce Pussy Riot Members Nadeshda Tolononnikova an Maria Alekhina. The band members took the stage to continue their outreach on Russia’s widespread human rights abuses, and was one of the first major public speaking engagements since being jailed in Russia over “hooliganism” for a public protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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